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Amrtivani Speech & Hearing

Amritvani Speech & Hearing are in partnership with Oticon, Interton, Siemens, Audio Service, Resound & Phonak, who manufacture state of the art and aesthetically built hearing aids. We keep up to date with the latest hearing aid technologies from across the world with that knowledge; we customize the most suitable hearing device for you.

We thereafter support you to make sure that you are comfortable and are hearing as well as you would like to and at a cost which you can afford.

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Speech Therapy

A common misconception is that speech-language pathology is restricted to adjusting a speaker's speech sound articulation to meet the expected normal pronunciation, such as helping English speaking individuals enunciate the traditionally difficult "r". SLPs can also often help people who stutter to speak more fluently. Articulation and fluency are only two facets of the work of an SLP, however.

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Hearing Aid

A hearing aid is a device designed to improve hearing by making sound audible to a person with hearing loss. Hearing aids are classified as medical devices in most countries, and regulated by the respective regulations

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Welcome to Amrit Surgical Company

Amrit Surgical Company is leading supplier of. Surgical Equipments & Audiological equipments in Rasta Peth. It is one among the acknowledged and leading distributors, stockists, and suppliers in the city. In the business since 2002, this enterprise has made conscientious strides to offer top-notch and best-in-class products to their clients each time.

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